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The First information message

Scientific Council on Spectroscopy of the RAS
Lomonosov Pomor State University
Institute for Spectroscopy of the RAS


XIXth Conference on Fundamental Atomic Spectroscopy
(22-29 june 2009, Arkhangelsk-Solovky)

Conference Committee addresses:

Postal - Russia, 119991, Moscow, Leninskiy av., 53,
RAS Scientific Council on Spectroscopy, for L. A. Bereeva

E-mail: bureyeva@sci.lebedev.ru
Phone/Fax: (+7 499) 135-14-20

Postal - Russia, 163002, Arkhangelsk, Lomonosov av., 4,
Pomor State University, Center of Theoretical Physics,
Local Committee, for M. K. Eseev

E-mail: eseev.marat@pomorsu.ru
Phone: (+7 8182) 68-31-75


Dear Colleagues,

We warmly and enthusiastically invite you to participate in the XIX Conference on the
Fundamental Atomic Spectroscopy to be held in Arkhangelsk and Solovki, Russia from 22 to 29
June 2009. The conference will be held in the period of White Nights. You will have an unique possibility to visit the Russian pearls Solovetsky islands and Solovetsky monastery!

The scientific program will cover topics like:

Spectroscopy of highly charge ions,
Spectroscopy of atomic systems with an high time resolution,
Rates of elementary processes (recombination, ionization, charge exchange, collisions and etc.,
Laboratory and astrophysical plasma diagnostics,
Kinetics of atomic states,
Physics of exotic atoms,
Interactions of atoms and ions with electromagnetic fields,
Spectroscopy of solitary nanoobjects and nanostructures etc.

A seminary for young scientists will be held in conference frame.
Book of theses will be printed before the Conference start.
The Conference will take place at M. V. Lomonosov Pomor State University (Arkhangelsk) and on a ship Arkhangelsk—Solovky in the White Nights.

The conference languages will be Russian, English.

The conference fee for foreign participants is 500 Euro. The fee includes all charge in Arkhangelsk and Solovky.

Arrival date is 22 June 2008.

1st April 2009
REGISTRATION — everybody is invited to register at http://fas.pomorsu.ru/registr.html.en . If you are in obstruction, download the form, fill it and send to eseev.marat@pomorsu.ru or by a regular mail to Russia, 163002, Arkhangelsk, Lomonosov av., 4, Pomor State University, Center of Theoretical Physics, Local Committee, for M. K. Eseev.
Attention! You should fill in your passport data for the trip to Solovky.

1st May 2009
THESES — MSWord files no more 2 pages (lines: title, authors, postal address, e-mail, empty, main text by Times New Roman at 12pt) should be uploaded at fas.pomorsu.ru .

15th May 2009
FEE transference — details are coming in the second message.
15th May 2009
Sending INVITATIONS to foreign participants.

XIX FAS Committee, 1st message.